About Us

The Karnataka State Tribal Research Institute, Mysuru is sponsored by Ministry of Tribal affairs Govt. of India and functioning under the Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka. It started functioning independently from July 2011, Vide Govt. of Karnataka order No. Sakai 9 Pavayo 2010, dated 26-10 -2010. The Institute is conducting several programmes for the development and welfare of Scheduled Tribes. These include Research, Training, Evaluation, Seminars, Workshops, Publication of articles, Production of documentary films on tribal life, Establishment of Tribal Museum and Library etc.

  • To conduct research studies for documentation of the distinguishing characteristic features of different Scheduled Tribes of Karnataka State.
  • To study the process of social, cultural and economic change and development among the Scheduled Tribes of the State.
  • To prepare action plans and suggest effective measures for the tribal development.
  • To conduct ethnographic studies on tribes of Karnataka.
  • Establishment of library.
  • Organizing Seminars /Workshops
  • Publication of Articles
  • Establishment of Tribal Museum.
  • Production of documentary films on tribes and their life